Salcheto Winery: A sustainable philosophy that spread green growth

Salcheto Winery: A sustainable philosophy that spread green growth

Nestled in the Siena province of Tuscany is a winery that boasts some of the greenest credentials of any business and is boosting sustainability across the region. 

Salcheto winery was the first company in the world to have a certified carbon footprint of a bottle of wine. This achievement is just one of several green credentials their business has. They also operate an energy independent cellar system, monitor the quality of soil and the estate’s ecosystem, ensure their vineyards and wines meet European Organic protocol, self-produce fertilisers from food waste, reduce water use and source packaging from responsibly managed forests only.

This ever growing list is thanks to the philosophy of its director, Michele Manelli, who has championed a green business model since 1997.

I started developing the idea of a business organised around sustainability that would target environmental and economic goals,

said Manelli.

This philosophy is an asset.

Salcheto wines have all been awarded several green product labels, a recognition that their environmental excellence can be trusted. In recent years they have also expanded their business and added a restaurant and guesthouse. These additional revenue streams now employ restaurant managers trained in food waste, farm workers trained as biodiversity experts and even administration staff trained in green certification.

Both the restaurant and guesthouse boast their own green credentials too. The guesthouse offers rooms powered by renewables, while the restaurant sources all their organic ingredients from local suppliers.

When everything came together we definitely had an important increase of profit, 

said Manelli.

Since 2012 we have multiplied the business by three.

Salcheto’s success has also helped spread sustainability to different industries and across its supply chain. They helped their packaging suppliers obtain Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certification and supported local producers to set up a territorial greenhouse gas accounting scheme. At a wider level, Salcheto was among the founders of Equalitas, the Italian standard on wine sustainability.

On top of that, Salcheto supports a growing ecotourism sector in Tuscany through wine tours and even welcomes at least one school to their premises every month, as part of an educational tour on sustainability.

People really want to come here and share this experience,

said Manelli.


Green worker profile

Fabrizio Savino, Green Cellar Master, Salcheto Winery

Fabrizio looks after Salcheto’s sustainable wine cellar where he is responsible to ensure the taste in each bottle meets the winery’s award winning standards, while avoiding any negative impact on the environment.

This is another sustainable link in our production chain and proves you can make wine that is both delicious and climate friendly.

Fabrizio controls the cellar’s delicate balance between temperature and humidity by using recycled water as well as rooftop plants that absorb heat from the sun. This helps create a sustainable wine production process, without sacrificing on taste.

All of the casks and corks in the cellar come from Forest Stewardship Council or Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification sources. Fabrizio also works with other company departments to monitor waste production and explore ways to create by-products out of it.


Interesting facts & figures

  • Salcheto’s Winehouse is housed in a retrofitted 13th century farmhouse which looks onto scenery once drawn by Leonardo Da Vinci.
  • Farmers reduce mechanical intervention and use several organic and biodynamic techniques to ensure the soils supporting the vineyards remain healthy.
  • The rooms in the guesthouse have hot tubs powered by natural, responsibly sourced, wood heat.
  • Salcheto make their own honey from 8 hives around their vineyards. The bees also help to pollinate their vineyards.
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Enrico Brivio Spokesperson, European Commission
Iris Petsa Press Officer for Environment, Maritime Affairs and Fisheries, European Commission
Enrico Brivio Spokesperson, European Commission
Iris Petsa Press Officer for Environment, Maritime Affairs and Fisheries, European Commission
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